Broken Wings

An angel without wings is not an angel
It’s just a kind creature always in a tangle
Forever trying to help the ones in need
And trying to rid the world of the greed
They are bound to earth until they are slain
Because an angel without wings is human
We are nothing but a handful of dirt or grain
Just like all of us were just a seed as we begin
But then we all start to develop something
Two things that without it there’d be nothing
Hope and faith without them you’d have broken wings
Just like a once angel but now a poppet held by strings
Forced to result to ending such a shattered life
The angels can’t save the one who forsakes themself
They can’t help one so content to take the knife
One who can’t live because of their misfortunate wealth
To have broken wings is to have no freedom to have none
A caged demon that just wants to fly away far into the sun
Will he regain his wings at where he had them ripped out?
He walks among mortals but they’ll never know his route
The two scars on his back will only keep him remembering
That he once was able to fly but now it is only a memory
All alone is where he stands at least until he finds his broken wings
Then he’d be restored his hopes would no longer be futile dreams
He’d fly away to a place where he can’t be named
To a place where he couldn’t possibly be blamed
Sometimes it’s for the best to be forgotten
Because you don’t want what I have gotten

by sam, corrupt S, finley

Comments (2)

wonderufl write. I love the idea of 'broken wings.' lovely. Thanks for the experience =) Gabriella
hey sam this is a nice poem i like this style of your writing the best MC