AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Broken Wings Of Angels

angels came form a distance time, a time within a
moment of eternity, where even the light rays and
a millions time of infinity could only smell the
shadow of its existence

expose my soul to the profane world and judge me in
my powerless strength to my weakness, an offshoot
of my being human in this changing world

mingle my day to a life time, where I know my
eyes is close who wouldn't only witness the existed and
exploited world who has now have eaten and come
to conquer the weaknesses of every flesh

exploit my hunger, my thirst of adolescent, my
untainted mind to the world of unworthy pleasure, my
young dream of the future, my ambition to my ideal
world to come, my promises of what I am of this
life I always cherish

this moment of pleading wouldn't only reach your heart
and calls your soul to shield my destiny to take with me
the yoke that leads me to a dream where I may stay

may the wings I shattered be resembled in the wind you
touch and take my broken wings to fly in your heart,
that blew my feather to the nesting rest of breath be in
the glory of my soul

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