KML (April 3,1910 / Sacramento, CA)


brokendoll has broken fingers
cos she can't hold on

brokendoll taps her foot
cos living takes so long

brokendoll has no soul
so all her hope is gone

brokendoll has a torn dress
she can't tell right from wrong

brokendoll hunts for self-worth
her hair is bright and shiny

brokendoll won't speak the horrors
her lips apart and smiling

brokendoll will let you pose her
so you can have your fun

brokendoll has broken legs
so she can't ever run

brokendoll has seen such terror
eyes rolled back in head

brokendoll used to be new
but she was bought and mislead

brokendoll is broken cos
to hurt is to be ahead

brokendoll is motionless
cos she's already dead

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