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Brooks And Warren's Understanding Poetry*

These pages are a river
down which a young girl watches
her lover disappear,

and someone meditates upon
crude rhythms of a city street
and finds a suffering God.

The seasons change
and change again,
a pear tree reaches high,
a cock crows, and the chickens sit
beside a red wheelbarrow.

All the seasons of the soul
are ripened and transmuted here,
and I, the reader, disappear,
as well, into the flow.
*UNDERSTANDING POETRY, by Robert Penn Warren and Cleanth Brooks, has been a premier poetry textbook in high schools and colleges, in revised editions, for 6 decades. The book is basically a luxuriously rich anthology, with commentary on poems organized into chapters to illustrate the various facets of poetics.

by Max Reif

Comments (6)

Another marvelous piece Max. Tight and meaningful.
I don't want to hyperbolize here, Max(well) - but this is absolutely lovely!
Sometimes we forget what poetry is. Excellent reminder.
I can't say it as well as the other three poets but good poem.
hummm...this poem...it intertwines naturally as it talks of that transiton when are ''conscious'' to when we drift in-ward and then totally disappear into the world of our imagination...! Bravo Max~
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