Broomstick(Haiku 22)

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An imaginative write. Many interpretations.++10
Not only from church But also from anywhere, ...... interesting, thanks for sharing 10
A very tidy haiku, a snapshot of a churchyard with dry leaves on it: it could be tidier. More than one broomstick is needed.
You are very true. Single broomstick cannot wash out may dried leaves fallen from trees. Unity is strength. This poem is humorously and metaphorically expressed. Revisiting this poem values more.
So true, unity is a powerful force, great example and a creative write!
It is abeautiful poem on unity in concise with a nice theme. Thanks for sharing.
There is a limit for what a single person can do or achieve, but there is no limit if a whole group functions together! Collective strength is several times greater than individual strength! You have emphasized the point with a beatuiful example! Great Haiku, Jez!
Wisdom in a capsule! ! ! ! The very definition of Haiku. Concise and incisive! ! ! Haiku and you are a very good fit! 10++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Dear Jez, such a very powerful haiku to urge the Binhi Organization to be united in a clean-up drive activity today the world over.....10++++++
A thoughtful write. Well penned. Thanks for sharing it.
A good poem on getting along with one another.
A thought provoking poem..well penned
Peace and love to all mankind! Unity is the key. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
liked the unity idea. in such a short poem you have packed up so much dear Jez.. thanku. tony