KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)


I want to write a poem about my brother but the words I can not find to express what I am feeling so I will tell you a story of a simple place in time of this man.
I love this man that was born to be my big brother for if he was in your life for just a moment you were touched for a life time of his present… He was a loving; he was a person that believed in people and in his family.
Here is his story
Forever in my life
You are forever in my life for the good and the bad from the heavens and from the earth nothing will ever keep part us.
Forever in my life is where I need you to be, you have been my best friend and have always been an amazing part of my life since I could remember, how we have this bond that can't just be broken not even by death
From when I was baby to being some old ass person, I can see the way you have protected me… I want to tell you how this hurts and how much my soul is going to miss you, who am I going to talk to and how will I know when I am found.
You have been the person that loved me even if I felt all else failed me, you have been the person that looked passed all else and made me know that you we're and have always been there for me.
Frankie, you are my life line so what can I do without you but live the way you told me too life is too short to be unhappy and it is up to me to make a change too keep me happy.
I love you my brother and I will be the person that you want me too. Love always your sister she who waits.
This is for my brother Vidal M Navas (Frank) born 12-29-59 to the day he eared his wings 02-21-2010

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