KT (Febuary 11 1990 / Sacred Heart Hospital)

I Had A Dream

I had a dream,
Where it is now
I can't say
To anyone
Present here.
To tell the truth
Is not easy, my dear.
Always I am a prey,
Prey of time
And you misunderstood me.
For the time being
I am here, I know
But it is you
Who is there
To pluck a leaf,
Pluck a flower.
I had a dream,
Dream to fly
In the sky.
But it was not
In my knowledge
That there is no sky.
Anyway, today,
I am in my tranquility,
No one is here
To disturb me,
I am neither in attachment
Nor in aversion.
I am devoid of
The notion of mine-ness.
I have no relation
With my dream
That was there
On that day.
Anyway, I am ok.

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Nice poem....funny....