WB (June,19th,1979 / BATNA, ALGERIA)

Brother And Sister, No Matter What

I know so well I have made a big sin
When having said something that has hurt you.
But I came to you apologizin',
Beging your pardon with what I can do.

I let myself in the class where you are,
I spoke to you about the event;
You have shoken your head not to go far
And you have only spelled the two words « I can't. »

I asked you then about the pledge for your sake;
You replied you accepted only the words,
And the pledge is just only a sort of fake;
With which you can only trap the stupid birds.

Once again I gave you a tell-tale poem
About our own four years buddihood story:
I reconciled myself to your blues,
And at the end, I implicited « I'm Sorry! ».

Tonight, the poem here is to you written.
And I pray it would set you out of fury.
You're my elder sister; I'm your brother
And this what really made our own glory.

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