Brother Von

Brother Von was not always a preacher,
but many times he was my teacher.
I remember him holding me back,
but maybe I should give him some slack.

For maybe when his arms were around me,
and I wanted him to set me free,
he might have been expressing his love,
and I should have suggested the baseball glove.

But I didn't like sports or hunting much,
and was too young for girls and such.
We didn't have much in common I guess,
except a few things like fishing and chess.

He always impressed me with his mind,
his quick wit, but so refined.
Named after his dad, but not a chip,
he was always quick with the quip.

He answered a question with another and I asked "why"
His answer was a cool "Why shouldn't I"
He was always competitive in any game,
and then the word he went to proclaim.

I have memories of him that are fond
like ice skating with him on Hepler's pond.
Hauling hay at midday and his hat was black,
on the top of the haystack he went splat.

The little red schoolhouse with me in first grade,
We had an astronomy class taught by Mister Wade.
Fishing in the stream or in the lake,
Throwing balls ‘til my arms did ache.

He has written many poems that are descriptive,
that define the event with great perspective.
Some poems are stories with good depiction.
They are great even though they are fiction.

I love brother Von and I don't think it's odd
That he would go away to serve his god.
Whether he's wearing the cloth or the baseball glove,
he will always be the recipient of my love.

by Spock the Vegan

Comments (3)

Thanks for your support. A poem doesn't have to be finished when it was first published. This is an example of one that was modified to make it better.
Some poems are stories with good depiction. They are great even though they are fiction. Sometimes, fictions are as great as true stories.
I like this revised version of your poem. Nicely done!