Brotherhood (Pvt Kennedy)

Poem By O.S. Brooks

Reaching for his freedom
with that new car smell
My brother and I
left Army ways behind
watched them salute us off
in the rear view mirror
dissappear in the distance
like memories
aged like fallen grapes
into concrete wine
Back then...
I rode shotgun
down Rancier Ave
adjusting the music
to concur our demons
That was the last time
I saw him
flaunting that thing around
like it was magic
slowing up
walking prom queens
just so they would notice
I wanted to be like him
my brother
forged from soldier plight
simply because he knew
how to rock
his freedom
his metal of honor
that magic mobile
turned two
without light
into kings
I patched up holes in my car
w duck tape
vacuumed it out spotless
and tripled washed the engine
as if it mattered
as if
a car
could bring
personal courage
A car can't kill friendship
I thought
can't take away instinct
or the bond of two soldiers
chasing after righteous notions
My rusty car threw bolts toward the ground
while stopping for smoke breaks
every so often
I used to
like it didn't matter
like the world was ending
and ride in that magic car
knowing God was there
From then on
hurt couldn't penetrate
my cabin
couldn't leave
me feeling empty
I sat facing my destiny
looking inward for strength
doesn't come in a bottle
I'd buy it if it did
But, I was a kid
racing after man hood
in a broke down box
near Harker Heights
I was humbled
when a man walking
asked me
why sorrow
followed constant
in the narrows of my mind
as if it had packed itself
like groceries
in my back seat
as if my demon bought
grapes, cheese, and eggs
my passion had a passion
for relaxing those days away
I didn't care
much for
the world
back then
When life
was as simple
as following orders
I was trained
to give them
and molded men
like clay
into killers
I was great
at my job
at believing
the world
was enough
Pvt Kennedy taught me different
taught me
to laugh
maybe smile
for once
and shared with me
the greatest gift
I've ever known

Comments about Brotherhood (Pvt Kennedy)

a beautiful story done very well about a car...the cars which can be one part of our life who wittnes our sad or happy delivery or an end for a life, , , it could be a brother sister friend or a wife..10++++

5,0 out of 5
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