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Brotherly Love

There was one kid that teased me every day,
Pulled my ears and wouldn't go away.
Punched and kicked me at least once a day.
Laughed while I cried and wouldn't let me play,
Always lied to my face and cursed me out,
Never let me and my friends ever hangout.
Told my parents on me when I was up to no good.
Took my money, broke my toys, and ate my food.
And if I complained he said he'd drown me in a well,
In short, he made my life and childhood a living hell.
Yet, when I needed his help or found myself in a jam,
He would always come and help me out anyway he can.
He'd rush right on over and give me a hand,
He'd never find an excuse or make other plans.
He'd give me his last dollar and the shirt off his back.
He'd thwart anyone who'd try to harm me or launch an attack.
He'd throttle anyone for me and protect me until the end.
For he is more than just my brother; he is my dearest friend.

(c) 2016 Copyright Elena Plotkin

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Love this, I feel the same about my brother.i wrote a poem myself but I’ll be damned if I can remember the title! Senior moment as they say.
Very amazing drafting shared on with reality. Nicely penned poem shared here.10