Brothers, brothers the lights at heaven's gate shining

And my B.F.E becomes like one of the angels..
Flying to the heavens

He went up there, let me locked up alone with the devils

I miss the flower, I miss the rain and I miss the sunshine.

I miss them as I miss him around me
Ya around me...

Winking may help his golden eyes to forget our past days
And remember our great days.

My loudly voice would rise, rise and rise
Asking for forgiveness and waiting to get you back

While am locked up with the devils
My loudly voice won't reach you anymore

And the screaming in my head won't go

But my heart beat will rise up, pumping your name,
Discard from my heart to your heart.

While am bleeding, while am in fire, crossing the snow
Facing the cold weather, front the fairy queen! .

Ama call my B.F.E name only, wishing we are back
Telling him sorry

Live all the sorrow somewhere out our heart
Where we can't find them again.

by khalid alalawi

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its sooo sad. the way you put it up is too good and its in different style.