(july 27 1994 / California, but move around a lot.)

Brothers And Sisters, Please Do Not Fight! (Political)

Brothers and sisters please do not fight!
This is not just, it isn't right.
Who cares about politics, who cares about reason.
murder is more than a felony, it's considered high treason!
While are surroundings fill with the diseased.
You are considered a hero, but inside you cry.
Please tell me, when will this fighting cease?
how many more must die?
before our people find religious peace?
I find it a little odd,
That a person of faith can cause such pain.
How dare you say it is in the name of god!
Have you gone insane?
how do you think he would feel?
Alla, Jesus, Buddha, they all tell us to bring fortune to our brothers and sisters.
Not to bring pain because they do not believe in the same as you.
Not to cause harm but to heal.
So tell me is faith present in you?
Or is peace simply not real.

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Comments (3)

Fantastic message and meaning..wise words. SG
There must be religious peace, or a lack of religion. Both are satisfactory, and equally as unlikely. A beautiful poem though, you create a spark of hope with your words.
Wow...Peace is a bold well in this poem Peace when i read this and Peace every soothing idea, you make it right voice..no fight no war just one to be peace for life time...Great heart you have and i am sure the great things will happen if we all think like this! ! _Unwritten Soul