Brothers For Life, Brothers In Christ

There were two brothers, who grew up in this world shaped like a ring,
One grew up a poet writer, while the other just loved to sing.

One is married to a beautiful woman, having been blessed with a child,
The other’s single & waiting on the Lord, although it might be awhile.

However, their mission is alike, wanting to do God's will,
Poetry, singing, walking and talking, to a world of people standing still.

Trying to tell all about the 'Ten Commandments, ' a wonderful plan,
What part of “Thou Shall Not, ” do you not understand?

Here to spread the gospel in any way shape or form without mutter,
We are Christians keeping the faith - but not from others.

As spiritual brothers, Luke & Jeff urge you to stay in the race,
After all, Wal-Mart isn't the only saving place.

Like DNA, it only takes a very small trace,
For our Father in Heaven to know if you merit His favor & grace.

The running of any marathon is not the most important thing,
It’s how rightfully you give praise, honor & glory to His name.

Always sincere in showing love, faithfulness, trust and respect,
In mankind you’ll be disappointed, God’s promises will always be kept.

Focus on your character, whatever is the gift to help others,
Remember, in the Lord’s eyes we are all sisters and brothers.

Don’t get involved in worldly negatives, be a difference maker,
Pattern your life after the words and thoughts, of our Heavenly Creator.

Whatever your talent, whichever way you spread the word,
Keeping it to your self, means it will never be heard.

Let your lifestyle be without covetousness and hate,
Not on earth but in heaven your reward will be great.

Only a fool lights a lamp, then places it under a table,
We all have different gifts; spread the message however you’re able.

Jesus walked the earth, giving a blueprint for wrong from right,
That’s why we are all Brothers For Life, Brothers In Christ*.

w/Jeff Ricky Cheeks

by Luke Easter

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