BRM (8-12-93 / Colorado)

Brothers Hand

Your always there
to help me bare what life brings
You lift me up when I am pushed down
And you tell me you love me without a sound
You have been there since the day I was born
And to protect me for ever is what you have sworn
You have been there through good times and bad
You have always made me happy when I have been sad
Your hands rough touch at play
And are warm and gentle on my shoulder when I have a bad day
Since did have a father
It was you who had to bother
to fill in his shoes
You act as my best friend and as my brother
Some times we fight
But we always make up the next night
You have protected me from boys
and all of their 'toys'
Your heart is so pure
Of this I am sure
I love you my brother
And I would never ask for another
I remeber all the times we played ball
until it got dark and mom had to call
And the time you beat up Jimmy Dean
for that one time he was being so mean
All good times
But I now must end this rhyme
With a good bye
Though It is almost my time to die
Just know, I will always love my brother
And once again, I would never have asked for another

(dedicated to my and his sister who could die any day)

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A wonderful poem of love and appreciation. So enjoyable to read uplifting writes. Well done and very nice
I really like this poem as it reflects sincerity in emotions between a brother and sister.