C (October 1991 / New York)

Brown Eyes Meet Blue

beautiful brown eyes meet beautiful blue
its amazing just how i feel around you
just two friends going swimming in my pool
i've gotta act so much, try to be so cool
a simple touch, a quick glance away
we both know it shouldn't be this way
we wanna be together, why don't we do it?
we both know how we feel about it

so don't look away, look into my eyes
just tell me you want me, no more of your lies
we don't have to tell them, we'll keep it a secret
don't worry baby, i promise you won't regret this
and i know you liked her, but she didn't give back
and i promise you babe, i'll never be like that

i need you so much, i can't breathe without you
just tell me i'm right, tell me it's true
that like i need you, you need to be with me
just take my hand and tell me you love me.

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Beautifu, so beautiful is young love... Very nice write Countrygirl! Thank you, for I enjoyed it! Please, I invite you to read me when time permits...anything that catches your eyes... I don't disappoint! -Kelly.