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Bruised But Not Broken
RKV (1985- / India)

Bruised But Not Broken

I'm still running fast to try stand still,
Breathing very hard to beat the heat! .
Though many things went against my will,
I'm requiting to get back to my fleet!
I'm lagging behind to move fast forward,
Cleaving, clinging to retain any lost chance!
Though cowardly acts turned me wayward,
I'm rebuilding stance for any circumstance!
I'm falling to pieces to stick them back,
Presuming to convey that I can survive! .
Though tough times did whack and crack,
I'm reforming to thrive, revive and arrive!
I'm bruised but not broken, I can recoup,
Unifying myself to obtain absolution!
Though the past refused to give a hope,
I'm retaliating for a better conclusion!
'A broken mirror's still a mirror'. Raghav!

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