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Bruises Along My Heart

The bruises along my face,
The empty promises you used to make to me,
Don't mean anything to me now.
The anger, the pain, the guilt
is how you made me feel.
You never really cared about me,
You used to make me feel like i was the one who was pathetic
when all along it was you.
I know I'm weak and useless
but I'm not silly.
I hate the way you made me feel,
You used to make me feel like i couldn't live or think without you.
The days are empty without you
And the pain is still here
but i don't have you here to cause me anymore pain.

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Well, I don't know who he or she is but there is a lot of lemantation. You know the the agony and pain reduces with the passing of time...well it diminishes gradually and one day it vanishes and then there is nothing. Well this is what the world believes, but in my case my sad memories are as fresh and crisp as yesterday's. Your poem is really very good, but it doesn't seem that you have completely turned your face from that experience. Regards! Salaam! Ayaz Warith