TRM (7/21/92 / Rochester MN)


Bruises and breaks
A few tugs to the heart
Do you love mommy
When shes tears you apart
Say you fell from your bike
Never tell that daddy hits you
Cover up your legs
Or say a puppy bit you
Go on and be a good son
Cover those bruises with a long sleeved shirt
Your mommy's perfect boy
Or daddy's little girl

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Hmmm, I wonder 'You're mommy's perfect boy or daddy's little girl'. You mention son earlier a few lines up. Could this child be suffering abuse due to a gender problem, possibly a cross gender or possibly be gay. I'm seeing that in this poem. If I'm incorrect, please do let me know. I think this is a very good poem, you bring the reader into the poem, and that's fantastic.--Melvina--
good poem but sad to cause i know a few people this happens to: (
Wonderful darling.