JTC (Jan 21,1960 / Sibu, Sarawak, Borneo East Malaysia)

A Prayer

Give My Prayers & Supplications, A Good Influence, Oh Lord
Bless Me With Everything, What I Deserve, Oh Lord

By Which Mountains & Oceans Will Get Shocked,
Bless Me With Such Height & Depth, Oh Lord

Get Everyday Kind To Me, Everywhere Garden I Be!
Make My Every Thorn, A Flower Beautifully

In My Life, Continue The Spring's Ray,
So That Autumn & Winter Will Stay Away.

My Character, Thinking & Speech, As You See
Oh Lord, Depending On Purity & Truth, They Must Be.

by Faheem Iqbal Wani

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Bruno Manser was killed by the ingenious people of Kalimantan Indonesia for entering their land and he was claiming to be their saviour too. Unfortunately, Bruno Manser think that the ingenious people in Indonesia are as soft hearted as the one in Sarawak but he was wrong indeed! Bruno Manser spread lies and overstayed in Sarawak in breach of his visit pass. He had been staying illegally in Ulu Baram and Ulu Limbang and do not dare to tell the world his illegal act. C'mon people, Wake up! Bruno Manser takes advantage of simplicity, good nature of Penans. He never really help them. He just wanted to be worshipped. I believe all the governments in the world has their own law regarding visitor staying illegally and Bruno Manser is one of them. Please enlighten me how your government will act if Bruno Manser overstayed in your country illegally and spreading lies.
I'm certain I don't know the history of Bruno Manser but the poem by all means has a good flow to it.