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Brush Of Lightning
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Brush Of Lightning

Poem By Theorem The Truth Serum

Last night the lightning tried to touch
the peak of the highest hill that
commands the picture that paints the horizon
It looked like a brush that was
painting graffiti across the sky
but it could not land on the hill
the lightning went sideways
The lightning tried once again
but it split into two pieces
both going sideways
It kept trying but each time
it fell just a little bit short
It was an amazing fight
but the painting won
because the lightning brush
never got the chance to make its
mark upon the hilltops

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Comments (5)

Beautiful imagery. Well done.
What an amazing picture, you found a lovely way to frame a storm.
A lovely essay on how lightning can provide us with such a vibrant picture, and you have expressed the story so well. Sincerely Ernestine
Loving lightening storms as I do.........this poem really appeals to me. Very beautiful. Sincerely, Mary
Very vivid Cokbod! rofl love the name...oh dear, this is a bigger madhouse than I am used to...oops! just thinking out loud. Wonderful picture you paint, as did the lightning try, but please tell me, would it have been a lesser picture if the lightning had struck? Smiling Tai 10 for artistic endeavour