Brush Strokes

Poem By meghan foubare

using paint and water,
one simple sweep of your textured brush!
spreads color around the canvis to create a new adventure,
mixes all your emotions into one!
Takes all anger and makes it into a beautiful expression!
As it dries it becomes a textuered mixed emption into a beautiful piece of art!

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Meet Me In The Ocean

The water is calm.....
You know a strom is coming in a little bit.
You are thinking might as well get a swim in real quick!
As your swimming...... You look down the water is clear enough to see a school of fish!

The Secret Life Of Bees

The life of bees as we know it is just buzzing around making honey,
but really thats not the case at all.
Bees have their own little world of nothing we ever are familar with.
As Queen Latifah says' Every Little Thing wants to be Loved'!

The Weeping Willow Tree

The weeping willow at the southern estate in the Georgia Plantation,
blows the leaves around softly during the night on the top of the hill.
Waiting for somebody to come sit under its barnches,
Feeling a sudden whistle wipping in the wind.

Rain Drops

When the rain drops fall,
and land on mother earths surface.
Mistakes are being washed away, hopes are put on hold, dreams are made, and sometimes a new life can be made in the process.
Rain drops hit my face, run down my shoulder, on to my foot, and rolls of to the ground in a fast manner.

Heres To Night We Where......

Heres to the night we danced together...
Heres to the night we loved eachother...
Heres to the night we shared our dreams of hope....
Heres to the night we made love....