Brushed By God's Own Hand

As we look around and see
The beauty we behold
The blooming of the flowers
The clouds as they unfold

All can only be explained
As the tiny grains of sand
The blue ocean water
Brushed by God’s own hand

It’s all as a painting
The beautiful colors just so
From his hand to the canvas
Touches our very soul

The creator of a masterpiece
Strokes of color, creating man
God said it was perfect
Brushed by his own hand

We can only be a witness
To the genius of his work
The artist of the canvas
True to his every word

We are but a painting
Placed where God sees fit
Placed meticulously just so
In the light that’s always lit

The wonder and the awe
Of this place where I stand
God has stood in this very spot
Brushed with his own hand

We should all be so thankful
That God himself would take the time
Brushed by God’s own hand
Every aspect of our lives

by Lagaya Evans

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I am hummbled by the beauty of your hand...........excellent write...... In Gods own hands the beauty he has painted in your heart.......