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Brutal Norman
(February 12,1958 / Dagauda, Bauchi State, Nigeria)

Brutal Norman

Norman, veteran, the royal dog
No bow, no arrows, armor, none
You could well liken him to a shell
For much as a down pour could be,
His build isn't really the soaking type
This rebel could be deaf to the king

An errand, ere they caught up with me
A h horse to take- Norman's true words
But here you're many miles quite away
And knowing Norman a typical pauper,
I wondered where it was coming from
How come? So I frantically asked
On the celebrity of your adored music,
The Duke was considering to supplement
So were the Baron, Viscount and the Earl
But all this was sadly a naughty lie
It was all deceptive hunt for a free tune
They utterly wanted to play the sheep
Eye-work without a single dime to give

Here I was, before the Baron and the Duke
And they discussed the matter when I left
That his pay off be a horse, funny enough
And quite extra ordinary from Norman
Well let him give out, is no skin off my nose
Funny, coming from a sad classroom rat
So that had ended all hopes for a support

But I the singer swore, I had to have it
Come burglary, come robbing, I had to
so Norman began to polish talismans
To go robbing was the only way out

Stop it, so I the singer finaaly told him
Can't take to robbing because of me
But here's what you should rather do
And the horse was certain to come up
Use the noon wind of the winter time
Set fire at the eastern fringe of the village
Here where a wall is absent only thatch
Good ides Norman with pleasure, said

As luck would have it, strong wind sprang
And Norman gathered red coals at home
But women nearby raised terrible alarm:
Duke, help! Norman is a threat
And here was the Duke out crown bereft
No King can afford to mince his steps
Especially when disaster threatens his hold

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Nicely written. Thanks for sharing....10