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BB (12/08/1982 / Pittsfield, Il)


Poem By Bridget Bush

In just a few days I realized how special you are
and empathized with all you've been through
You've had to go to rehab with your mother
and let her boyfriend beat on you

You know what comes into your house
and at seven you shouldn't know
but it's what has caused the rift
and to Little Rock you must go

You got to come back for a visit
to see your 'daddy' Chad
I fell in love the moment I met you
and wanted to make up for all the love you've never had

Your toys were left behind
and most of your clothes too
all to bond with your druggie mother
that never really loved you

For your birthday I made you a cake
I 'made it from nothing' too
I took my time to get you a gift
so you'd have something good and new

I taught you to read in one day
I've never been so proud
When in one short hour
You read your first page out loud

And I can't help but wonder
why your mother doesn't teach you this
does she not want her son to achieve his goals?
the thought of him she'd rather dismiss

How could a mother give up a child
so bright and happy and full of fun?
How could she be so selfish
when your life has merely just begun?

I am really nobody to you
but through time we'll see
I'll show you love and happiness
and how mothers are supposed to be

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I think this is beautiful Bridget. Through this poem you've shown that you ARE somebody to this child. That's obvious to anyone reading it. How lucky he is. sincerely, Mary