Bsu Pride By Bo-Edward Lawrence

I am beautiful
At least that's what god tells me when I see him every night
But sometimes god
I don't feel comfortable in my own skin
It's almost like having a little more melanin is a crime or a sin
And my face alone can land me in jail or shot by a cop

His excuse would probably be that he hated skittles and Arizona's or he might say I made a struggle and try to run away and puts a bullet in my head so I would remember straight
Wait, don't shoot..
God I fear the man in the mirror.
I'm standing in the middle of the truth and a riddle
The truth is we are all equal
The riddle is, is that racism is not a word but a letter. And every time I say equality racism is silent.
As time is concerned we aren't that far away from the shackles and lashes

Back then, what was on my mind was more restricted than the amount of characters your allowed to write as your caption
They are attacking

Freedom was a beautiful dream followed by nightmares
And the rights here wasn't right here
Because it wasn't quiet fair
Because my brown skin wouldn't let me even be able to stay night here
Let alone I paid more than the white man for the cab fair
That I ended up getting kicked out off because i couldn't share.
Because we could never share

They lashed us like they were trying to engrave their family tree in our backs backwards
We were trapped in ourselves and pretended to be modern day actors
Couldn't scream because rebellion wasn't part of our vocabulary yet.
Define justice
- the judge, jury, and final decision of life, is like rain. It falls after a period of cloudy suspicion, bringing things together by softening the soil of evil.
We wanted freedom
It's like we were are all caterpillars and just before i thought i was going to die i turned into a butterfly

I remember A STORY OF MY GREAT grandfather when he got heald up by a white man on his way back from school.
THIS MAN had a bag of assorted candy in his right hand and a pistol in his left.
My grandfather prayed that god was in his favor, please lord and savior.
because that man said if he picked out a now or later than that would decide if he would shoot him now or later
REst in peace
Norman Lawrence

My colored skin represents more than any book could tell
, It represents more than the number of my skin cells
My colored skin represents my heritage and myself being,
It represents my meaning
It represents my morals and values
My colored skin represents that I am the living proof of a dream come true
We no longer become categorized as black or white.
My colored skin wraps around my bones and embraces the beauty of my home land

I am blessed to feed my mind and educate my soul
Because the human body is the best work of art
Society is so diverse that I can say that I am not black but brown, maybe black coffee with 2 shots of creme or maybe a bucket of Nutella anything that gets my brown skin across to some bread..
My black was my power 50 years ago, now my black is my power and my honor.
We shall overcome
We shall overcome
But never forget

by Bo Edward Lawrence

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