Once to the sky of my childhood
I blew countless soap bubbles, and
Looked up, murmuring some words

Old I will be, I might giggle like a kid
Once upon a time there was a little child
She made wishes in the bubbles … …

by Cigeng Zhang

Comments (9)

Made me remember my childhood. Even when I blow bubbles now, It lacks the excitement it once possessed. It was an age where we found HappuHapp in anything and everything
This such a dainty poem...A delight to read....Thank you so much for sharing...10++++++
And she will always be in there! Nice brief image presented to convey the beautiful ephemeral nature of our childhoods. Thanks for sharing your poem.
'Once to the sky of my childhood I blew countless soap bubbles, ' beautiful memories, I once loved doing this also, blowing bubbles; I did not know I should have also made wishes in bubbles rising up in liquid bubbles bursting in beautiful streams of bubbles :)
Like bubbles we blow many things in our childhood and by the time we reaches adolescence we reailses that everything we wished will never come true yet we keep our hopes intact and faith perfect to grow further and become wise and laugh at our wishes. A thought provoking poem..
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