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Well hello bubbles.
My you have grown.
Still grunting sounds?
I hear them clearly still.
Your sisters waiting for you to walk.
She's ready to play.
Wishing to see you everyday.
Youthful tears are so sad to hear.
Laughter is greater than sobes.
Your eyes are like thick milk.
Murky with substance.
What blood will you carry in life?
A hellion like me?
Lets hope not.
Ofcourse, I have slowed down.
Enough to notice you and my lost years.
Before long you will be much older.
You will be much wiser.
The battles will come and go.
Emotions will come out to fight.
Welcome to life bubbles.
It will be good for you as it is for me.
We will play together soon.
Laugh with your sister.
I miss you both like a garden misses rain.

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