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Poem By Landon Pulmano

The heat from the street moves like souls seeking refuge,
So I keep on walking and one day I meet
A girl blowing bubbles out the window.
And I watch-
those bubbles fly, like notes in the sky, the rhythm of the wind.
And I see-
A bubble land on the rubble of a desecrated bulding,
but I hear the pop-and my imagination stops
As the rest of the bubbles fly away.
Will Summer's sway prolong the day before her face to rid my mind?
Every soft pulse of air reminds me of her hair,
An endless galaxy of space I try to erase
Before the half-moon haunts me.
But there's no sunset today,
No children skipping in the streets, only the beat
Of my feet on the sidewalk, walking home with every step,
Waiting, just waiting,
For what Tomorrow has to offer.

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