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#(Buddha) 37 Buddha's Message To Devadatta

Buddha wanted peace.
He sent two disciples
To Devadatta’s place
To settle any difference.

His message was the truth
At any cost, was worth
More than deceit and lies,
As truth ended in success.

Devadatta said, “The two disciples.
Of Buddha are coming close
To hear my special lectures,
Better than what Buddha gives.”

When they came near,
He told them, “Look hear,
I want rest for sometime
You take the class this time.”

He slept like a wood then.
The two spoke on compassion
What was Buddha made of,
How he cared for other’s life.

All the assembled people
Felt that Buddha was real
And Devadatta, a fraud
Cheating the whole crowd.

They got up and walked out.
To hear Buddha, they went.
When Devadatta woke up
There was none to speak up.

He burst into anger,
That became a danger,
As he coughed up blood,
And on that spot, he died.

Buddha represented the truth.
And Devadatta, the untruth.
Finally truth won over untruth,
In the battle of truth-vs-untruth.

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Comments (2)

devadatta endangered himself...he never really grew within...his jealousy grew in him and that endangered him...lovely narration
Truth will always win. But I pity poor Devadatta all the same. We should feel compassion even for the death of our enemies. Excellent presentation. Kind wishes, Sandra