AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Buddha And The Flower

scented skies
lure the blessing of the rainbow,
as the falling rain
touches the ground of wide
Lotus blooms in the breezing cool
of Siberian

make all the best
breathe of the majestic view
of dear mysterious
Mt. Fuji, tenderly fulfills
the promise
look of Maria Makiling the heart that
drifted the passionate immortal
soul of a dying

oh! flower of eternity;
hear the shadow
of great soul who comes and sway
the harmony of reality,
where every moment of joy floats always
in lingering blind of
tranquility, the wisdom
of nothingness of wish and keep its breath
always to live

life stream to the end and pilot
to the cream of
happiness, conceive your avenue of
flourishing refrain
that want is something done
for holding of anyone, leaves always
a sting of flaming
mark of gone

honored Buddha,
drink the cup with me and touch
the blooming sprouted
of flower that lay in
my hand

….wonderfully crown my head, stay ……

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The first and fourth verses are really good. Very nice message oven with a rich feel and flow. Lovely.