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Buddha Beethoven-Cauchy3
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Buddha Beethoven-Cauchy3

Buddha Beethoven..
When the Claim as Polls are far,
WEIN KA PO is china leaders.
Need we help the near as sums.
Arts and parts are wools come to eyes.
Wool your eyes are WUJANTO.
Aide-de-camps who is boy will polish apples all who is girl will polish swords.
Buddha yes to men is toadies come together.
Loves benumb are cruel hearts.
Loves befogged a man with masks alike as mists.
All the Buddha comes together do the ceremonies.
Ritual math is body calculus.
Small to finite are all infinite powers.
Buddha Beethoven all are china sycophant.
Buddha all or china leaders real are powers.
Claim no spirits but polish your apples.
I mean some Hong Kong Buddha-some.
Girls and men in tri-plots are moneys-powers and fames.
All in tri-plots are wealth, self-esteems and doggish lives.
Add in tri-plot are controls, conquers and annexes.
---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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