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Buddha Sexes -Bv Cauchy3
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Buddha Sexes -Bv Cauchy3

Buddha pays the Buddha bills.
Buddha sings the Buddha songs.
Silent motions made me still.
Large are dreams as all are tons.

Temple secrets colored tones.
Half and half are glories one.
Purple robes are yes as cases.
Nude are nuns and build with ease.

Buddha built on gases are free.
Daisy chains are circle deeds.
Altar clothes are open sexes.
Gifts with blanket drills are REX.

Buddha some are circle sum.
Blocks in blocks our stocks are rums.
Drink the rum with buffet ones.
Crotch-less cloth are lace and bones.

Buddha lots are sexy spells.
Buddha king will show his bells.
Diving up all is down.
Dip and loll as all by town.

---Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3---

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