Voicing Opinions

Eyes are bleak
Behind curtains of disguise
Why so few tell the truth
Innocent glowing bright
Beside the dead souls
Of the convicted
Wearing chains
Of lies.
Sturdy in thier falsehood
Decieving in devil's iron.

by rains of bloom

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Gautama's teaching and the happy bellied man in china remaining as symbol of satisfying smiles...... you are philosophical when u ask that question.......... thank u dear poetess. tony
We may not realise what he did but indeed he was inspired.
Gautama was a handsome prince in his youth. But nowadays we only see Buddha idols with a pot belly and a bald head...the Buddha when he grew old. When we grow older, our youthful appearance starts to disappear. That's natural, and it happened to Gautama too, and it will happen to Barbie too. Couldn't appreciate this piece though..it is too practical.
Listen Buddhist Barbie.. In the 5th century B.C. an Indian philosopher Gautama teaches 'All is emptiness' and 'There is no self.' In the 8th century A.D. Shankaracharya never agrees, but points at Upanishads wonders how a man totally empty can see his disciples, preach and teach emptiness to emptiness? There is self where one is selfless smiling on thought of emptiness Says we may feel headless or empty head But the one who fills all space use the device fitted in Globe on our Neck. Self shine in its own glory in Selfless person.. wise one. humble and polite. Shines like Stars, burning ignorance as fuel, radiating light of love silently, with twinkling smile on lips of Mrithu jaya ananda (bliss of winning death)
I think he did not deny the self just kept quiet about it. Good poem. Interesting to think how Barbie is trying to find or create her own identity.
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