“Hello, how are you? ”
“Great! You? ”
“Fine, a little tired but at least the day is almost over.”

I’ve played those words over and over in my head
Each time they make me smile,
But that’s all
In my dreams we talk for hours
You even make me laugh
But I’m scared now,
Scared that I want more
A bit over six months we met
You always made me not feel so disconnected
I loved when you were near
But the year has passed
P.E. and Chem are all we had
I dare not count Zoology, you would laugh
These six months I was so happy
Almost on clouds
Running a mile felt like a few feet with you
Boring games I hated became our competitions
Just you, that’s all I needed,
Yet, if only the few moments we had,
I treasure,
I will keep them forever
Just wish you well is all I can do,
For you, I will remember
What little fun I had sitting next to you
If you forget me, I will not cry
Because our conversations will always keep me strong

“I hope we play a new sport tomorrow.”
“Me too.”
“Come on buddy, let’s finish this lap, I have to pee.”

by Corey Mason

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