MF (9/13/87 / )

Buddy List

I see your name appear on the list
And my heart sinks like a rock in the ocean
Heavy breathing soon follows
Until I click on you and type the words hi
I sit in agony, hoping you feel the slightest of what I feel
Then you respond with a hey, what’s up
And I feel my heart jump out of my chest
Do you realize the things that you do to me?
The way that I react to just the thought of you
There is no turning back from here
I’ve passed the point of no return
I can not bear not knowing when I will see you next
As I sit here waiting for you to come back
Will you ever know the way that I feel for you?
Will you ever feel the same for me?

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i enjoyed this one. i could take a stab at who i think it is, but im not exactly positive.