Help me, I'm over the limit. The demon's are calling for my soul;
The clock's ticking, as the ground begins to swallow me whole.
As i shout, 'can you hear me? ' 'is there anybody there? '
There must be someone waiting, Someone who cares.
Is there someone that can heal, this broken heart of mine;
Anyone to tell me, that i'm going to be fine.
Someone who will rescue me from the growing crowd;
As the voices in my head, become dangerously loud.
Can you see me? I'm down here on my knees;
I need you to help me, i'm begging you please.

by nicola burkett

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Congrats for capturing the home page. I have already commented about this poem.
Is it Budha with one D or Buddha with two? You have it one way in the title and the other way in the poem. I spelled it with two in my Buddha poem. Enjoyed reading it in any case.
A Fantastic write once again from your pen. Sure, Budha will be Laughing by not looking at the poem, but the way you have presented the truth in a beautiful way. Beautiful presentation. Loved reading it. Congrats for well deserved poem of the day!
This tells a horrible story... I think.... Is this Budha that is so callous? I guess my ignorance precludes my understanding of your faith's entirety. But I feel like 'crushing the one eyed Budha' represents crushing a mindset, perhaps a peoples will.... In any event, fantastic poetry friend....
Meaning of laughing is much more than literary. It looks like a knock on the head by a great teacher. Very meaningful.
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