Budha Is Laughing

You praise my strength,
my fun for the war, ...
the huge wound in
my head yet to heal....

You praise my strength
my son is my power
his muscle on his arm
burning for war

We crushed smiling Buddha
with version of one eye,
utterly without scent..
the eye simply for mind,

You raped my faith
and forced for purdha..
you raped my sister,
for the sake of your faith

you made this land
and famine was the end,
any more than gray old horse
we meet in the holy place

by Thampi KEE

Comments (31)

Congrats for capturing the home page. I have already commented about this poem.
Is it Budha with one D or Buddha with two? You have it one way in the title and the other way in the poem. I spelled it with two in my Buddha poem. Enjoyed reading it in any case.
A Fantastic write once again from your pen. Sure, Budha will be Laughing by not looking at the poem, but the way you have presented the truth in a beautiful way. Beautiful presentation. Loved reading it. Congrats for well deserved poem of the day!
This tells a horrible story... I think.... Is this Budha that is so callous? I guess my ignorance precludes my understanding of your faith's entirety. But I feel like 'crushing the one eyed Budha' represents crushing a mindset, perhaps a peoples will.... In any event, fantastic poetry friend....
Meaning of laughing is much more than literary. It looks like a knock on the head by a great teacher. Very meaningful.
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