Budj-Bim for Mt Eccles it's aboriginal name
And Budj-Bim or Mt Eccles are one of the same
The Lake Condah area was once home to the Gunditjmara tribe
A people that interest the historical scribe
Long before white people from the Northern Lands came
In their quest for adventure and riches and fame
In the volcanic hills the Gunditjmara did reside
And their history to these lands will always be tied
In historical Budj-Bim of scrub and gum trees
They hunted and fished and had their corroborees
But few things as we know ever seem to last
And with the passing of time changes happen so fast
And in Budj-Bim you'll hear the grunt of koala and the cough of the roo
And the calls of the cockies and corellas but never a didgeridoo.

by Francis Duggan

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