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Bugs Rock N Roll
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Bugs Rock N Roll

I don't know, but I've been told
A grasshopper plays like a green grass toad!
Up through the vines, having a real good time
Strumming all night for the love of his life!

Now Toad he knows, says 'You need soul! '
He jumps right in and away bass goes
Cricket says, 'Don't leave me like this! '
He too jumps in, now strings exist

'Cati did and Cati didn't'
Sings the Cricket, 'Now which one isn't! '
Now Catidid says, 'You can't play! '
She jumps right in and says, 'Try it this way! '

They stomp their feet, they pick up the beat
Now all the little bugs come out to peek!
The fire flies they circle the night
Next thing you know they''ve got strobe lights!

Says Lady Bug, 'Come dance with me! '
Says June Bug, 'I will indeed! '
They step out and start cuttin the rug!
Says Centipede, 'You all think yall tough! '

He says, 'Now, that ain't nothing new! '
'You've gotta feel the beat, You gotta feel the groove! '
'Now that tune is real real sweet! '
Then he starts a dancing with all them feet!

Along comes a Dunn Bug, he's rolling through
They say, 'Get out of our way, what's wrong with you! '
Says Lady Bug, 'Take that away! '
'Oh my word, that's the worst p yhew! '

Beatles and Bugs, and the Mantis and Flies
They all jump in for a rock n roll night!
The Mosquito too, he plays a tune
Just like a piccalo on his tube

All through the night they have the time of their life
Everyone's having a rock n roll night
Now the snake comes along and he eats them all!
And says to himself...
'I just love it when they have that rock n roll ball! '

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Hello Bill, Adorable poem. I especially love the surprise ending! Warmest regards, CJ