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Build An Ark

God said, "Hark! "
Then Noah built an ark,
Upon God's commandment Noah did heed
Then on the ark there was two of every breed.
"A storm! " God said he would deploy
This world he will destroy,
From sin man would not transform
So, God would send a storm.

The earth's wickedness it was great
With every thought of evil and sin and hate,
The earth was filled with mayhem
Man's way was corrupted, so God did condemn.
Man was full of violence and gaul
So, the rain it had to fall,
Then to the adulterer and the whore
God would send a great downpour.

To the world Noah did explain
That there would come a mighty rain,
But, the people laughed and did gloat
When Noah told them all to build a boat.
Then the earth it turned into mud
As there came a mighty flood,
Then there was not a sound
The world, it had drowned.

Randy L. McClave

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