AL (november 7,1957 / dapitan city)

Build Eternity In Your Mind

the child moulds the best quality of spirit and soil; breathe
the eternal gift of life by the giver of life, the purest of soul
inherited by the pre-existed being in the universe, before
time comes into existence

the birth becomes the only contact of profane material
in the given ground to subdue, to live, to survive of what is
reality in this earthly place of immortal aura, the inner force
given by the beyond conquers known the most challenging
wave of reality, the eye that close the window of the world,
the spirited world that mankind lives, a reality that all has no
chance to swift, but to swim and lay our card according to
what our experiences man possess

all, the world gives; the family, the profession, the children,
the dream of tomorrow, our very own desire and the faith
as it lives on in our innermost feeling is just all the wisdom to
go, the spirited soul comes to experienced the fundamental
avenue of going to heaven, a vision that all dream of and live
where the sun whiten the cloth of everlasting glory with God

the moulds which you where made, comes to worship, the
beginning of your dominion in each heart, a perfect day of
reckoning heart to live in the shelter of God haven, as the
soul swings to the timing of pendulum of perfect world, the
man entity transform into a god like aura of heavenly best,
for the end has change the beginning of love in the
end time with God forever

build the beginning of your mind an entity to live with the
most high in the paradise, where all is call to live with God
in a place call ……. Pleroma of end time

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i see here another side of a strong mind. live life the best way you can. Nice to know that we all strive for the same thing. Well Done Antonio
MIND POWER.....the sweet thoughts and gains that it give to us, the lightness that transcends to the heart...stress free soul...Lovely insightful piece...10+++