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Building A Wall

You teach your children to build a wall
From brick onto brick, so that it will not fall,
From crayons and paper they designed a barrier
On the other side they are taught, is someone scarier.

You raised your children with bigotry, prejudice and hate
So, they build you a fortification, a blockade,
On the other side of the wall there lies their foe
They are Mexicans, and your hate for them does grow.

Upon that wall I will bloody my fist
Day after day the pounding of mine and others will persist,
Not one dime of mine will I ever pay for that wall to be built
I will proudly show my blood and sweat, but not ever any guilt.

No matter how rigid or even how tall
Or the colour it's painted, or its strength, or its belief overall,
Whether it's separating a culture, or a person, or even a town
I will raise my children, to tear that wall down.

Randy L. McClave

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