Building Bridges

We're forever building bridges,
Bridges to endure the test.
Spanning through a person's lifetime,
Will the materials be the best? Cement is soft at first-
Then it hardens tough as steel.
Will our patience, temper, trials
Show us how we really feel? Each particular act of kindness
Is a brick we all could see.
As we make an act a habit,
Our bridge becomes security. As we learn to control our feelings,
Deal with them with thoughts of love.
We are building eternal bridges
To our Father up above. As we study out our lessons,
As we ponder and as we pray
Thoughts become the beams of power
On our bridge to show the way. If our way is illuminated
With the deeds we do each day,
W e can cross the bridge quite simply
And with Jesus we will stay.

by Merlin R. Sorensen

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I really like this poem Merlin - thank you for sharing it :)