it's still unfair to you
that i love him and love you
i know i've got to choose
but my heart won't let me decide.

i've got these feelings in my head
i've heard all that you have said
but i like this instead
i know i'm wasting time.

you are crazy about me
and know i'll always be
the one thing you will need
yes i can see it in your eyes

and i know with him i'll be the one
to try and stay when he just runs
and i will never come
to trust him cause he lies.

you tell me to act fast
or i'll be living in the past
you think that we will last
but my hands are tied.

i know you know the truth
that i would never pick just you
but still you've got to do
something to get me by.

i'm sorry that it hurts
when will i ever learn?
i know this heartache burns
but now i need you by my side.

by Desiree Whitamore

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