Poem By Eric Cockrell

the child that comes to you when
he/she has done something wrong,
admits it, often with tears, and promises
to do better... knows more than we do
most of the time! ...
we are given the gift of life with a responsibility....
to do and be something no other living
being can be... and all living beings depend
on us to do so!
when we fail to realize our true selves, we
have failed the world!
and so, like the child...

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for every tree you cut down,
a child is dying.
for every barrel of oil that
you drill and spill,


it took ashes...
for me to draw
a picture of your living
in black and white...

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from a tiny acorn,
the oak tree grows.
what a man cant find,
a child will know.

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he wears her like
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