(November 2,1988 / Somewhere over the Rainbow)


With this piece of steel
Pointed at my face.
I can't help but feel,
Scared and out of place.
He leans over me,
Whispers in my ear.
All that I wanted to be
Is swallowed in fear.
I can't even scream...
Somebody please help me!
I'm falling apart at the seams
I hear the bullet, spinning towards me.
All I can do is scream,
As the bullet erases my future.
The pain drives me over the edge.
I hear him walking away.
As I toe the ledge
Of the cliff that will take my life away.
His words spinning in my head
'You're gonna die.'

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I'm never really sure about these things. Particularly, their actual purpose. I don't mind admitting that these kind of poems bother me. I'm glad they do, it means I'm still sane. GW62