Bullets And Bombs.

Killings, maimings, bullets and bombs
In an age of computors, disc's and of roms
In the name of religion, and politics to
Where the innocents die, for the ideals of the few

Why is it we ask, is the killing a need
To make us believe in their cause or their greed
Why can't they just talk in heated debate?
Then causing such misery, with pain and their hate

They can only impose through sheer force what they will
With their acts of atrocity, and their methods to kill
Blind to the tears, and the sadness they cause
With their flagrant abuse of Gods nature and laws

In the name of humanity, when will it all end?
When they've taken away mans right to defend
The things he believes in, through force or by fear
In the name of religion, without even a tear.

by Graham Jones

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