Bullets Of Agony

Alot of battles ive faught&i lost...tho thinking i won.
I faught not thinking of the cost...tho thinking it's fun.

So many wasted fadded years nothing really glorious.
Alot of scars on my face from the spears of tears
Burning nerves building someone very angry&furious.

Vanished love experiences with every goodbye.
Taking away everytime peices of my soul.
Crafting hurt with every single word of lie.
Burying deeper&deeper alive my emotions left spaces inside left me unwhole.

Bullets of agony sink through my skin.
Refusing to give up i bite on my teeth.

Bullets of discease made weak very sick.
Abusing minute by minute little by little i am becoming the feast.

Searching again for my abandoned spirit.
Meeting stranger faces in the city lights.
Just roaming around for someone familiar, no idea where i am headed.
Looking for a friendly friend that wants peace instead of a fights.

by anthony fiji

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