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Bullets Ring People Sing! ! !
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

Bullets Ring People Sing! ! !

The dark shot rings of clarity
Yet like a whisper, unheard
Angers rage an' the mix of self-pitty
Brings to life the momonet we learn
If blame has lie, where then shall lay
Childish mind living in dreams play
Or the ever placing of issues shelf
and the demoralizing of oneself

Tele's dream once again reality
Reversals roll has change of truth
Is obvious so hard to see
Once was bad now good of youth
The modern day teaching
Of philisophical preaching
Of the great Homer Simpson
Crosses roads with Rumpalstiltskin.....

If in these days we shall rage
Let us join in unity of rampage
Take back the nites of candle lites
An' vigels of remorse an' fright
There is a season to reflect
An' put to end such neglect
Days of old a cry of plee
Could not find the streets
Nor did it ring of bullets dance
wake up folks time to dance............

22/04/07 GJW

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