The laughter long gone
Was happy and wild
Confidence undone
Now a sad little child

Bullies so evil and cruel
Poor kid too scared to go to school
That dreaded walk of the damned
Day begins with being poked and slammed
Then never ending abused and put downs
Kid's mock and wicked laughter resounds

'Better not tell anyone, or worse will come'
'You're a waste of a human being, total scum'
'Why not kill yourself, you don't belong'
'You're weird, no one likes you, now run along '

The smart joyful child now vanished
Rosy cheeks now so pale
A sad shell of his former self
The once energetic kid, now seems frail

Finally had enough, the parents are told
To school they go with anger barely controlled
The teachers they berate and scold
The bullies are warned and their parents informed
The days that follow, the bullies seem reformed,

Slowly but surely bad days are left behind
Now joyful playtime, and new friends are made
Cheerful child has returned, with a happy mind
Glad to go to school, no longer afraid

by amar qamar

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A nice poetic imagination, Amar. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks